Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I decided to go to bed early last night and read until I couldn't see straight. I got myself all settled, rearranged pillows and blankets a few times until I had them just so. Managed to come to an understanding with the cat about not sitting between me and my book (The Shipping News, in case you're wondering). I was just getting into the story when my cell phone went off. Delilah gave me a dirty look that said, "Are you gonna get that, or what?" Sigh.

By the time I found my bag and fished out the phone, it had stopped ringing. I had a voice mail. It was the paint-your-own pottery place, saying that my project was ready to be picked up. Yippee!

I went and collected it this morning.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon painting a flower pot and its little saucer. I have a bunch of kalanchoe plants in my cubicle, and the littlest one (named "Junior") has grown too big for his pot. I thought perhaps it was time Junior stopped wearing hand-me-downs, so I painted him a new one. Here's what it looks like:

I know the lines are a little on the shaky side, but that's how you tell it's been hand-painted, right? When I go back to work on Monday (*sob*), probably during my lunch break, I'll get Junior set up in his new pot. He's just a wee little thing right now, this will give him plenty of room to move around.

Maybe I'll go back and paint some other ones for the other plants. Don't want them getting jealous. There's a h-u-g-e coffee cup in this store, maybe 2 feet across, it'd be great as a planter for the Mamaplant. As the name suggests, she's the plant from which all my other kalanchoes came. It took a while, but I finally found something I couldn't kill. Now if they would just flower for me once in a while....

Tonight I'm going to embroider and listen to a book on tape of The Return of the Native, as read by Alan Rickman.


G said...

Very pretty pot. Alan Rickman - mm, very good voice. Annie Proulx - have you read the short stories? Close Range - Wyoming Stories is good. I have all her books - big fan.

--V said...

Hi G! Yes indeedy, I do like Mr. Rickman's voice. He could read the phone book and I'd listen gladly.

I did read Close Range, right before I read The Shipping News. I'd seen Brokeback Mountain the week before, and I wanted to know how it compared to the short story. Mainly I wanted to know whether that scene with Jack on the highway at the end was what really happened or just Ennis' assumption. I read the whole book first, though, didn't just skip to the end. I think my favorite was "Bunchgrass at the End of the World." She sure does like to give her characters bizarre names, doesn't she?

How do you pronounce that name? Proo? Prool? Proolz? I haven't the foggiest. I wind up calling her Annie Pr-pr-thewomanthatwrotetheshippingnews.

G said...

I believe it's Proo - I remember finding out a while back and I think I blogged it, but I can't be sure.

Try Bad Dirt - short stories, 2004. Annie just gets better.

--V said...

Yep, it's "Proo." I googled her and found her official web site (at First question in the FAQ was about pronunciation.