Monday, May 15, 2006

Watching the tumbleweeds blow by

It's been like a ghost town since Friday of finals week. Graduation was this past weekend, and summer classes started this morning. It's still very, very quiet out there. And so I give you "Stray Bits II"

Bumper sticker
: "EARTH FIRST! We'll screw up the other planets later."

Best Underground Newspaper/Alternative Press Title Ever: (So far. I'm only in the B's) The Buddhist Third Class Junk Mail Oracle (has the variant title of The Barking Rabbit)

With Friends Like These: Overheard on a bus. The young lady was discussing the return to town of her "best friend from high school" with (I assume) her boyfriend:

"You remember Bob. Dirty, skanky, hippie Bob?"
"Ohhhhh. Yeah."
"He's back. Still filthy." Silence for a moment. Then, "You wanna go over and say hi?"
He shrugs. She pulls the cord, and they get off at the next stop.


Graham said...

I heard of a florist who specialized in ferns. Wouldn't have a flower in the shop. Used to say, "With fronds like these, who needs anemones?"

--V said...


Thanks. I needed that. So did the woman who works the next cubicle over from me. Well of course I had to share it.

qacdefeej said...

"The Buddhist Third Class Junk Mail Oracle"

Damn! It's a book. I wanted to get on their mailing list...

(lixri: GlaxoSmithKline's latest anti-depressant -- now licorice flavor!)

--V said...

Bleah. If I were depressed and I had to eat something licorice-flavored, I think I'd just get more depressed.

Sorry qac, you're about 37 years too late. It was an alternative newspaper that stopped publishing in Oct. 1969.

Here's another one I just ran across: "Distant Drummer." Someone with a snare drum and a bored expression?