Friday, June 09, 2006

Back to (what passes for) normal

The kittens have been collected. Delilah is as inscrutable as ever. She looked around for them (briefly) when I moved her dishes back to the kitchen. Then she dismissed them from her mind and settled down to eat.

The woman who came to get them told me that the other kitten she'd been given was found last Friday in the middle of the road during a rain storm. His name is "Splash." She said he cried all night, and she thinks he's just lonely. I think these two will make good roommates for him. Charlie in particular is very friendly. Dexter probably will just be grateful that Charlie has someone else to jump on for a while.

I've asked for Charlie and Dexter to be adopted together if that's at all possible, and she said they try to honor requests like that. If it's been a few weeks, though, and no one wants two kittens, they will probably get split up--better one of them gets a good home than they both wind up in foster care for eternity.

Now back to reorganizing the apartment. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope it's not an oncoming train....

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Gina Marie said...

trying to convince my boyfriend right now to get a cat. Problem is, he's allergic. But he does like them. I told him he could take a pill, I do for him (wink) - I think it's a fair trade. I am going away soon, so he said he'd consider it when I got back.

OOOOH, little kitties!