Thursday, August 03, 2006

Last weekend and this weekend

This is Chewie. I'm not sure I've spelled his name right. He's a chocolate Labrador. He was one of about 20 dogs that came to Mutts Gone Mad last Saturday, which is about twice what we had last year.

I was running the Bobbing for Hot Dogs event for most of the day, and aiming my camera at everywhere else the rest of the time. Chewie was not interested in hot dogs at all. He flung himself into the wading pool and spun around a few times while biting at the water. Then he lay down, threw his head back, and allowed me to take this picture. It was one of the few times he was still all afternoon.

Everyone involved had a lot of fun, and we raised $42 for the local animal welfare agency. Not very much, but more than last year. They were pleased with it, though (every little bit helps), and the beagle rescue group was thrilled to get what they consider a "good" adoption application for one of their animals.

This is going to be a short post. I'm heading to my parents' house for a long weekend in about half an hour, and I'm not done packing yet. It's been a nice week off so far. I did some drawing on Sunday and Monday, thanks to a suggestion made by Anna of Self-Winding. I did a lot of reading, too, most of it indoors because it has been stinkin' hot here all week.

I think I'm going to bring my sketch pad with me to my folks' house. The first drawing I did pleased me quite a bit, but I'm not sure it wasn't a fluke. I seem to be able to do one good one, then a bunch that are very unsatisfying. Is that normal? I only ask because I don't draw much, and it bothers me when an ability seems to come and go of its own free will.

Time to go. Packing to do, taxi to call. Bye y'all!


Anna said...

My drawing pad is still open, but we have had a pig of a week here - 5 separate workmen in the place doing messy things and a huge felled tree to clear up. Maybe I'll get a chance to do something a bit better at the week-end.

--V said...

I, on the other hand, have no reason not to be drawing. Brought the pad home with me, opened it a few times, but made not one mark on it. Just could find anything I wanted to draw.

Sorry to hear about the tree. Sounded like it was a long-time friend.

qacdefeej said...

"...the beagle rescue group was thrilled to get what they consider a 'good' adoption application for one of their animals."

I didn't know this! Hooray! It was all worthwhile! =^D