Monday, September 04, 2006

In Pennsylvania Dutch country this weekend

I'm visiting my sister at the moment. This is the first time I've been to their new house. They live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, deep in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Mennonites and Amish folk everywhere. Sunday in particular the buggies and bicycles on the road drastically outnumbered the cars.

Headed back home by bus this afternoon. Classes start tomorrow, which means town is going to be busy and full. I'm glad the students are back. I missed them. It's a little too quiet without them. Sure, I say that now. Give me two months, I'll be ready for them to leave and give us some peace.


G said...

Did you see that there Kelly Magillis? Mighty fine.

--V said...

Can't say I looked that closely. One doesn't want to be caught staring. The horses were gorgeous, though. Some very pretty bays.

Most of the people I saw were Mennonite, I think. The women wore print dresses. Amish wear solid colors--print isn't plain enough. Though the Amish allow the wearing of red, and the Mennonites don't. It's all very confusing to we heathen "English." I do love that I get called English, by the way.

Grammar question: Is it "we English" or "us English?" "Us English" doesn't sound right, but if you drop the word "English," then "we" sounds wrong.

G said...

Yes - on the Latin model, pronouns take the accusative case after prepositions. That makes "to us English" correct and "to we English" incorrect.

In Latin.

--V said...

Allrighty. Thanks. Good to know. It just sounds odd for some reason.

qacdefeej said...

I see the photo... I'm guessing it was pretty buggy out, huh?