Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Point of consumer-relations etiquette: Unless you are absolutely certain the customer with whom you are conversing is expecting a child, under no circumstances should you ask her when she's due.

Harrumph. Not going there for coffee again anytime soon.

I've spent the whole day asking people at work if I look pregnant. Consensus is that my sweater is rather baggy, the sort of thing a newly pregnant woman might wear. It's also the sort of thing a plump woman might wear if she were not inclined to dress herself in low-cut jeans and high-cut shirts--the sort that make the wearer look like a tube of Pillsbury's biscuit dough that just exploded.

Ah, well. Better to be called pregnant than fat. I guess. Though you'd think the fact that I was buying coffee would be a hint, wouldn't you? Most pregnant women I've ever come across cut out caffeine right away.


G said...

Think of it as womanly.

--V said...

Well, yes, I suppose so. I don't think this happens to men. Or if it does, they don't blog about it.

G said...

No, I've never been asked when I'm due, that's a fact. If I should ever be, I would definitely blog about it.

Listen up, girlfriend, whydya think they call it belly-dancing? Bellies are good, trust me.

qacdefeej said...

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but if you'll share the establishment name I'll be sure not to go there, either.

That's outrageous.