Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm not staring at you, I'm just reading your T-shirt.

I've been collecting sayings from T-shirts lately. Here are my favorites:

"Subtle..." -- on the front. Continued on the back: " a brick in the small of my back."

"Respect my peeps." -- The "peeps" in question were three little cartoon drawings of those yellow marshmallow chicks that get sold around Easter time here in the US. I don't know why I'm surprised at this, but they have their own website. These peeps were drawn with little baseball caps on backwards, wearing jewelry.

"Blondes really are more fun." -- worn by a very stern-looking brunette.

"Stop plate tectonics!" -- this one belongs to a friend of mine, and I laugh every time I see it. But then, I'm a little nerdy that way.

I don't tend to wear things with text on them, mainly because I don't hold the same opinion or thought long enough to want it emblazoned across my chest all day. Though if I did, I think it would be the sentence I used for the title of this post. Either that, or something I said to one of our newer part-time employees last week: "I'm not nearly as enthusiastic as I appear." That would work for all moods -- chirpy to grumpy to apathetic.

What would yours say?


G said...

My wife used to have two good ones. One said, "I own a Harley, not just a t-shirt," (no, she didn't, she just owned the t-shirt) and the other said, "Kill 'em all, let God sort them out," with a beautifully-done skull, bayonet through the eye socket, etc.

Amy said...

"This space intentionally left blank."

Joe said...

arrest me - I'm wearing a t-shirt

Matthew said...

about a month ago, a very ample gal was wearing a t that read "Are you staring at these? I can't say I blame you."

My t-shirt couldn't be read because it would be under a shirt and tie, vest and most likely a sports coat. But it would probably just say "librarians are hot"


Anonymous said...

I had a t-shirt once, a long time ago, that had two bluetit birds blazoned on the front. My husband took great delight in asking people "do you like my wife's ----?". Needless to say, I put it away in a draw.

--V said...

Saw another one today: "Be naughty. Save Santa the trip."

notdotdot said...

Too, too perfect for words: "I'm not nearly as enthusiastic as I appear." The best!! Couldn't imagine topping that. Is that ever me!