Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Words & language

I was trawling the Internet over my lunch break and ran across this. I'm very proud to say I already knew aglet, harp, minimus, nef, peen, rowel, and hemidemisemiquaver.

Does anyone else out there think that Jarns, Nittles, Grawlix, and Quimp sounds like a law firm?

While I'm thinking about it, Matt over at Defective Yeti has started something he's calling the Cliché Rotation Project that sounds like fun. I've been browsing the clichés at the places he suggested we look first, and at the moment I can't come up with any good replacements.


G said...

I knew the word for otter dung - spraint.

I also know the word for deer droppings - fewmets.

Amy said...

I thought fewmets were dragon droppings! Perhaps they're a general term for animal droppings?

And as for Matt's request, I, too, looked at his list of cliches and tried to come up with some of my own.

That's when I realized there's a reason some of these cliches dont' die: they're very apt.

G said...

One IBM location I worked at used to give us zarfs to hold the thin white cups the intolerably hot and weak coffee came in. They were plastic zarfs, but zarfs all the same.