Monday, March 12, 2007

Flotsam and jetsam

For the laundry impaired: Saw a man in a T-shirt that read, "Same shirt, different day."

Talking to one of the bus drivers a couple of weeks back:

Driver: So did you have a nice Valentine's Day?
Vee: Yeah, it was pretty good.
D: How'd you spend it?
V: Throwing pots.
D: At...whom?
V: No, no, no. Not lobbing kitchenware. Throwing pots. Clay. On a wheel?
D: Aaahhhh.

Little novelties:

I got my eyes checked a few weeks ago. I was test-driving a pair of contact lenses there for a while (I did eventually decide to buy contacts, but not that brand. Boy, were they uncomfortable!). After I put them in the first time I wandered around the store, shopping for frames for the new glasses. It was a new experience to put the frames on and not have to put my nose almost to the mirror to see what I look like in 'em.

And then a few days later, while walking along the sidewalk squinting in the sunlight it hit me: I can wear sunglasses now! Woo-hoo!

Pretty silly, isn't it, to spend close to $100 on your eyes just for the ability to wear a $10 pair of sunglasses.


G said...

That bus driver has been driving to the library a while, yes?

"At ... whom?" indeed.

Either that or he's eastern European.

--V said...

Not so much to the library as past it.

One of the drivers is Russian, but I don't talk with him very much. I don't see him very often.

Anna said...

Charming exchange, Take G's point; words more likely, over here, to be expressed as "Oo ah? (Who at?)

Hope the cold is better - I just had one, without the benefits of delirium.

--V said...

I don't know how bus drivers in other areas speak, but our seem to be fairly well-educated on the whole. Maybe it's 'cause I live in a college town?

Re: delirium. After I published that post, I had another funky dream. In this one, a railroad bridge pulled itself up out of its pilings and ran away. Yep. Just scampered off into the night. And the reaction of all the people in the dream? "Aw, not again. All right everyone, take the long way around until we get a new bridge."