Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Call me Cleo for short

Reading posts from my first month of blogging I came across this:

Juggling Scarves: I'm Not Management Material

Goodness gracious me. Did I really write that? It seems that as late as January 2006 I really enjoyed my job and thought I worked for some good people. Looking at it now, I realize that the third paragraph from the bottom describes my old department.


[Extends hand] How do you do? My name is Cleopatra, Queen of Denial.


Amy B. said...

As George struggles amid the throes of finding a new job, I wonder if that type of manager is the one writing those awful questions that make you feel inept no matter how you answer.

What was your greatest success/failure at your previous position?

What do you expect from a supervisor?

How did you get along with your last supervisor?

Blech! No matter how you answer, you're cursed.

--V said...

I think there must be a book out there somewhere chock-full of these horrible questions. Like: "What's your biggest flaw?"
This one comes right to the point: "Why should we hire you?"