Monday, August 06, 2007

Spam subject line poetry

Unsightly cashier
Saved My Marriage.
It just keeps
Posh watches at tiny prices.
Beware of fake pills.
Crazy defoliator
Georgia lake properties for you.
Hello, my dear
algorithmic more fiend!
You've received a greeting ecard from a Worshipper!
Kittens, kittens & more kittens!
What's your opinion?


G said...

They must send these things out by the million - I recognise several in your poem.

So presumably it is worth their while? Somebody must do whatever it is they want us to do, somewhere.

It's beyond me.

--V said...

I always assume messages like this are bogus. The either contain viruses or are trying to part the gullible from their credit card information. I suppose they figure if even one idiot gets caught in the net they cast, it's worth it.