Friday, April 18, 2008

So I made an offer...

...which was definitely more of a shot across the bow than something I expected they'd take. They're meeting with their agent in about 15 minutes, and they'll probably give me a counter offer.

And I'll probably accept it. I was ready to give them the full asking price with no help on closing costs, so anything they offer as an alternative is great. If they say "Nope, what we listed is what we want," I have no problem with that. It's worth it.

I had a brief freak-out going through the covenants for this townhouse after I came across this rule:

"No animals, livestock, fowl or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept in any Unit or in the Common Elements unless otherwise provided by Rules and Regulations promulgated by the Executive Board."

That sounded an awful lot like "No Pets" to me. If this place won't let me bring Lolly with me, they can keep it. Also, even if they just allow cats, my sister and her hubby have a yellow lab that they take on trips with them, and my parents have a little German Spitz that my dad loves beyond all reason. They would never go anywhere for any length of time without her. They already tried a dog-sitter and that experiment failed. She bullied the sitter's dog something awful.

I fired off an email to my realtor about that last night. She called me this morning. Apparently this is a standard rule that they use to keep people from becoming chicken farmers or puppy mills in the units. Pets are fine. I sounded a bit uncertain of that, so she found the phone number for the managing company and called them. Pets are not a problem. She made sure about dogs, too. They need to be kept on a leash when they're outside, and cleaned-up after when they relieve themselves, that's all.

I can't wait to see Dad's face the first time he tells me he's going to take Pip for a walk and I hand him a couple of little plastic baggies.

Added later:

The offer they countered with was the one my agent and I had decided would be our third offer. I took it. Now she double-checks with my credit union to make sure of my financing. I go in tomorrow sometime to initial the changes made to the contract.

They didn't say anything about wanting more earnest money either.

Holy cow, I think I'm almost a home-owner!


Just Me said...


That is the fastest I've ever seen anyone go from "thinking about it" to "agreeing on a price."

Congratulations! I hope it all goes smoothly.

--V said...

Well, to be honest...I've been thinking about it and trying to decide whether I could afford it for almost a year.

So I went from thinking about it to actively starting to save up to thinking about it some more to asking my sister a few questions to thinking some more to announcing that I was thinking about it. By the time I announce I'm thinking about something I've already decided to do it, usually. Then I hopped onto the rocket and lit the fuse.

Anonymous said...

You quite sure you're not a comma? That's exactly how I operate.

But there's an English expression frequently used in these circumstances. "Blimey," is what we say.

Reckless Sarcasm said...

YAY! :) So happyyyyyyy
Doing the happy dance...
I'm getting my paint brush holster ready. WHOOPIE!!!

Anonymous said...

When I said "English", by the way, no slight intended to any lovely American people. I know it's probably hard to believe in Pa., but I actually meant "not Welsh".

Parochial, moi?

--V said...

And in Pa. when certain people say "English," they mean "not Amish."

No slight perceived. I'm not English. I'm Scottish-English-Irish-Pennsylvania Dutch, with a touch of Native American.