Friday, September 11, 2009

OwowfreakingOW part 2, or, I'll give you something to cry about

You know those tissues they make that have lotion in 'em for your poor ravaged nose? I bought some of those for my desk at work to keep myself from doing stupid things like a) blowing my nose on toilet tissue or paper towels; and b) applying hand cream to my face because a solid day of paper towels and toilet tissue on the face is rough, man.

Guess what, though? When you read a tweet that friends had to take their dog for an emergency visit to the vet's and the poor puppy never made it home again, and it gets you all teary-eyed? Don't wipe your eyes with the lotion tissues. Sting! Dang that hurts! My eyes are watering more, and I'm fighting the urge to use another tissue to wipe 'em.

Well, at least I'm not crying over the dog anymore.

I wonder if I can catalog blind?


Just Me said...

Don't absentmindedly clean your glasses with 'em either.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you wrote daily.
Love your sharings.