Friday, July 02, 2010

Prepping for vacation

I'm going on vacation tomorrow. Today I am dashing about like a crazy woman trying to clear my desk and my task list so that I don't leave the building at 5 feeling guilty for having left things undone. Also, being a supervisor going on vacation makes me feel a lot like a new mother about to hand her infant off to a babysitter.

Y'know what? Making sure everybody who depends upon you for work
  • has a week's worth of everything they need to do his/her job;
  • knows who to contact to answer questions; and
  • does what you ask them to prior to your departure
is a right royal pain in the tushie. Particularly the third item in the list.

Today is the day I have to OK everyone's time cards so that they get paid on time two weeks from now. It's all electronic. If they don't hit the "finalize" button on their accounts, I can't hit the "OK" button on mine, and then the bursar doesn't get the message that the university owes them money. There's a small grace period -- technically I have until Monday morning to get everyone OK'd. But I'm not going to be here Monday, and I can't access the program from off-campus (it's a security thing). I sent my folks an email at the beginning of the week telling them all this, and asking them to please, please, PLEASE finalize their time cards ASAP on Friday to ensure they get paid on time. One girl complied. She wasn't the one I was worried about. She's always the first one done. I just finished chasing after another one and getting her to do it, and as soon as I see the third employee I'm grabbing him by the shoulders and sitting him down at my computer to click. the. blasted. button. What, do they not want their money?

I am at the moment also trying to find my desk under all the junk. I told them if they didn't want to ask questions of strangers they could leave their problems on my desk with a note. Then I took a look at my desk and said, "Yeah. And where are they supposed to do that?"

Well, that's enough goofing off. Back to excavating my desk. Just wanted to stop in for a quick rant.

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Anonymous said...

Friends were going on a trip and the day before they were leaving I asked him, "So, have you reached the this-isn't-worth-the-bother-of-going stage yet?." And he replied that they had reached that point a week ago.
I hate all the bother.
None the less, have a lovely vacation.