Friday, September 10, 2010

Conversation I keep having with the cat

Sophie: Mrrrrowwww? Mrrrrrow! [Rubs her face on my arm/knee/foot/whatever body part is available] *
Me: [petting cat] Y'know, you live here now. There's no probationary period. You're in. You can relax. You don't need to be on your best behavior. Go on, release your inner diva. Be the little princess I know you want to be.
Sophie: Mrrrrowwww? Mrrrrrow! [Rubs up against me again]
Me: [sighing] Okay. Maybe tomorrow.

*Translation: "You're my best friend."



Anonymous said...

Sometimes found/rescued animals which find themselves pets are very grateful. I think.

--V said...

I hope she grows out of it. It's making me uncomfortable. I have only had one cat before who didn't give me attitude, but he was male. Females are supposed to be aloof. Aren't they? Every one I've ever been around has been.

Anonymous said...

Probably when she gets older she'll get more laid back and independent. We've always gotten 2 cats(siblings) at a time just so they can entertain each other (and us) and not be so needy. When they get older everyone is settled in, not overly needy and they become compatible, but a wee bit formal, housemates - with occasional forays into their former behavior. But you're not there, I guess.

Just Me said...

Same as notdotdot, Chessie, our current cat, was adopted as a kitten with her now-deceased brother. Our first-ever kitty was already an old lady when she showed up on our porch.

Chessie's new "companion" is the baby. Her Nibs loves playing with Chessie's tail. I just caught her sitting on the cat's hindquarters and mashing her hands into Chessie's spine.

Chessie doesn't have the sense to run away, the poor thing.