Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You'll need a tray.

Warning.  The f-bomb gets dropped throughout these videos, so you might not want to play them at work or around your kids.

Ran across this a while ago, loved it, bumped into it again recently and thought I would share:

Eddie Izzard as interpreted by Legos.  After looking at this one, I found a ton more:

Cake or death:

Not that Eddie isn't fun all by himself:


Anonymous said...

I must say you do find the best things for us to watch. Can't remember the name of a couple who you showed here that sang and were delightful. They now are in an advert. for a car.
And then there waw the little boy playing the guitar - hysterical and quite precious!
Thank you.

--V said...

Glad you like them. Nice to know other folks enjoy them as much as I do.

That couple call themselves Pomplamoose. They did a "making of" video and put it on their YouTube channel. Those ads were shot in their garage.