Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Project 365

Thanks to Dana at Feast after Famine I just bumped into a website called Project 365, dedicated to these 365 photo projects.  I'm still going to put my photos on Flickr, but I've also started one on this site.  Go take a look if you'd like. 

While you're there (if you go), take a look at some other people's albums.  There are a lot of really good pictures.  I'm trying not to be intimidated by them.  I always thought my eye was pretty good, but yowza.  That site really points out (to me, at least) how much of an amateur I am.  I think this project will improve my photography quite a bit--partly from looking at everyone else's work and partly from the constant use the camera will be getting this year.


Dana said...

Aw, look at that! Thanks for the link.
I'm excited about the project too and still can't believe I actually decided to do it.
Loved the story you told the other day, by the way, about the awful gym teacher and your classmate's quick retort. It made me laugh out loud and I've been thinking about it for days.

Anonymous said...

Went and looked at your pix. Really liked them and your comments. Consider this as "comment" for over there!