Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Just did my federal income tax return. They owe me a little over $400. Yippee!

Here I am in my mid-thirties, still using the 1040EZ form. Most of the people I know need accountants, or at the very least Turbo Tax software. They have mortgages, child care expenses, student loan interest payments, all sorts of deductions and income sources to account for. Not me. It's very simple: this is how much I made, that is how much they took, here is what I'm owed. May I have it, please?

Last year's tax return was the most complex I've ever had. I had to use the regular 1040 form, and that was because of one little number. I was called for jury duty, two day's worth. I was paid a total of $18 for my time. There is nowhere to declare that on any form except the 1040 long form. I think there were only five lines that I didn't put zeroes onto, on a form that had 68 spaces for data. This year I'm back to the EZ, thank-you very much, and planning to stay here for a while.

I should probably be responsible and put my tax refund straight into the bank...where it can earn interest...that I will pay taxes on next year. Hmm.

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