Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Still Alive

I just realized I haven't posted anything since the crack o' dawn Friday morning. Let's see, what's happened since?

I bought a coin scarf from eBay. It's black with gold beads and coins. To tell the truth, it looks pretty much like the photo I linked to earlier, though I didn't realize that until after I bought it. The noise of it freaked out the cat. That was fun. I was opening the envelope, and one second she was doing a figure eight around and between my feet, the next she's on top of the computer, sure that she's just heard a snake (I think. It made a slithery rattling noise when it left the packing materials). She hissed at me when I tried to show it to her. Then she sniffed it, realized it was clothing, and was disgusted with me. I am a one-woman franchise of Confuse-A-Cat.

My digital camera played a nasty April Fool's trick on me. It's stopped working. I can still review pictures and I get read-outs when I hit buttons, but all I have is a black screen when I point the lens at something. The Service Center is sending me a box, in which I am to put my poor sick camera. I then send the box away, and when it comes back to me, it will be fixed or replaced. First time I've ever used Circuit City's Protection Service, though I've bought it for everything I get from them. I'll be interested to see if I got what I paid for.

My old college roomie is in town. We talked on the phone a little bit last night (she was at her hotel), and this evening we're meeting for dinner. We picked up right where we left of 15 years ago. Good Lord. Has it been that long? (Graduated in...Carry the one....Yup). Oy. Feeling old now.

As soon as I publish this, I'll be headed for the bus terminal to buy a ticket to my parents' house for Easter weekend. I don't think Ditter and her hubby are coming up, but then, I haven't asked. I figure they'll be too busy packing their apartment into small boxes to be interested in anything else, but they might just be tired of looking at it all and decide to run away from it for a weekend. My mother's expressed an interest in how the dance class is going. Maybe I'll bring the coin scarf along and scare her animals too. Mwahahaha.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Only a few weeks left until finals. Tension is mounting. The computer lab I'm in is quiet except for the sounds of rapid typing, and is almost full. Almost, which is why I don't feel guilty writing a blog entry while other people are working (I'm not at work myself because I work Saturday afternoon. This means I get four hours off somewhere else in the week). As soon as I see someone waiting for a computer, I'll log out.

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