Monday, February 12, 2007

Camera woes

I guess that last picture was just too much for the camera. Maybe its lens started to have sympathy pains or something. In any event, I have to send it away to be fixed again. Same problem as last time -- everything works, except that it won't take pictures. I can playback, crop, and adjust to my little heart's content, but when I switch over to a picture-taking mode, all I get is a black screen no matter where I point the camera. It has become, in essence, a very expensive electronic paperweight. Grrr.

So now I get to dig out my receipt and call the 1-800 number, tell the guy on the other end that no, I didn't drop it and no, I didn't get it wet, and yes, the battery is fully charged. Then I'll get a box FedExed to me (which I will of course have to go sign for at the main terminal, as they never come when I'm home) that I'm to put my sick camera into and send off to Wherever They Fix Cameras (last time it was somewhere in Connecticut).

But at least I can play with the pictures I already have:

Ice Dinosaur Hockneyized

Or how about:

Glamourpuss 2


G said...

There's a cat somewhere in that picture. I wonder what he's thinking?

--V said...

She's thinking, "Oy with the camera already. Put it down and pet me."

I know it looks different today. I went back to flickrtoys and reworked it. Kept hitting "reshuffle" until I got colors I liked better.

Anna said...

I liked this enough to have a go at printing it for my 'pictures to keep' folder - it came up really well at A4.

What's interesting about it, as I expect you did, is to think about juggling the balance of light & dark tones within the frame.

(P.S. The word verification on your comments has just asked me to type 'nqqguh', a good neanderthal expletive.)

--V said...

Thanks, Anna. I'd like to take credit for it, but flickrtoys doesn't let you choose colors or placement (at least not with the Warhol effect). I just kept hitting "reshuffle" until I got one I liked.

I was thinking about either printing it out or running the file through my copy of PCStitch, and turning it into an embroidery piece. Or maybe I'll do both.