Friday, February 09, 2007

Still life with myopia

Still life with myopia
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So what's wrong with this picture? I done broke mah glasses, that's what wrong! The other pair (the big black frames, remnants of the 1980s) are not so much my back-up pair as they are the only other set I have to hand. The white tape (which makes them look like a prop from Revenge of the Nerds) aren't holding the frame together -- they're acting as little wedges to keep the lens from popping out. Fun huh?

The little wire-rimmed ones have been fixed since this picture was taken. Snapped 'em in two Sunday afternoon (doh! A little too strenuous with the cleaning there), got 'em soldered back together Monday lunchtime.

And now I have an appointment to get my eyes checked, since these just-fixed glasses are a rather old prescription too.


G said...

What did people do before glasses?

Touch-type, I guess.

--V said...

Or, if one had long-suffering live-in dependents, you could have them take dictation for you. Like John Donne and "Paradise Lost."