Saturday, January 05, 2008

iPod off-switch

The iPod didn't come with a manual. All there was a little folded piece of paper giving me the basics: how to charge it, where to get the iTunes software, how to download stuff to the iPod, and where to go online for the full manual. And since the dial-up modem is being tetchy, I never got to the manual until just now. There is a way to turn the blasted thing off. I have to press and hold the "Play/Pause" button.

Hey, Mr. Jobs? Steve? That'd be a nice piece of info to put on the little leaflet. Been losing battery charge for days 'cause I couldn't find an off-switch.


G said...

Yes, but 80 gigs? Wow. My MP3 player only has 2 gb, and you have to press and hold the Play button to turn it off too.

Plenty of room for clumsy mandolin fumblers, then?

--V said...

Oh yes, plenty of room.

This thing also plays videos (you can buy movies and TV episodes from iTunes, though until the writers' strike is over there won't be many new TV episodes...), can hold photographs, has games, and there's even a section called "contacts" which I'm guessing is some sort of electronic address book.