Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One in the eye

Called my Mom last night on a whim, just to say howdy.

"I can't stay on long," she said. "I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning, you know."

Did I know? No I did not.

"How come?" I asked.

"Dad's eye surgery. You knew he was getting a cataract removed, didn't you?"

Not being a psychic, I did not know that either. I knew he had cataracts. He told me that in the truck when he came to pick me up for Thanksgiving vacation. Very casual about it too. Hope he didn't notice that I double-checked my seatbelt and clung to my door's Hail-Mary handle until we came to a stop outside the house.

So anyway. Dad was already in bed when I called (and probably already asleep), so I didn't get to wish him luck. Mom said she'd give him the message today. He had outpatient surgery this morning to get one cataract removed, and they're going to do the other eye next month. I've been wanting to call all day to see how he is, but my cell's battery just ran out of juice. Guess I'll wait 'til I get home.

Glad I decided to call.


G said...

Yes - something told you to call. Odd how this happens. I've been having a day of coincidences - one extremely strange one that I have blogged about, and another quite striking one that I haven't. And now you're doing it too. (Is that another one?)

Good luck, Dad.

Just Me said...

I hope your dad is doing well. Your parents probably didn't mention the surgery because A, it's so routine it's nearly nothing; and B, they probably didn't want you to worry about him over Christmas.

My MIL had individual surgeries for each eye last year. The folks at Wills Eye commented that the first eye's cataract was one of the largest they'd seen. She's 84 and handled the surgeries very well.

She isn't the complaining type, but she didn't mention any particular discomforts. She was annoyed with keeping her eye covered all the time, and it was a little while before the sun stopped giving her discomfort.

The biggest pain in the butt was the numerous bottles of assorted eye drops they sent home with her. I don't remember the exact regimen, but each had a different schedule. I don't know how my FIL kept track of it without a chart.

So, anyway, trust that he's doing well and that they'll contact you with anything urgent.