Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One weekend wasted

Last Wednesday evening while packing and doing laundry I got all sniffly-sneezy. I assumed I'd got a noseful of dust or something. By Thursday night I had that dry, thirsty feeling I have right before I get a beaut of a sore throat. Friday, sore throat, cough, and congestion. Still thinking it's allergies, I went to work. I mentioned my symptoms to a co-worker who gave me a meaningful look and said,

"That sounds exactly like the creeping crud I had last weekend."


I'd already arranged to take Friday afternoon off, ostensibly to chase down the complex manager. By the time Friday rolled around, though, I'd already managed to bump into him, explain my situation, and get let out of my lease.* I was going to use the afternoon to pack instead but by noon I was feeling horrible. Glad I decided to take the afternoon off, because I spent most of it asleep. Was completely useless all Saturday--achy, weak, sleepy, and sweating out a fever. Whatever this is was just about done with me by Sunday. I felt good enough that afternoon to go out to a furniture store to look at dining-room tables (it was mainly just to get out of the apartment). Didn't see anything that wowed me, but there were a couple of nice looking ones.

What I really want is a drop-leaf table like my grandparents had. The thing looked tiny when the leaves were down, but once you folded it out you could fit 12 people around it, at least. If I can't find one of those, there's a "farm table" set at this place that would suit me.

So anyway, I did a little bit of packing Sunday night, a little bit Monday, and a very little last night, but for the most part my apartment still looks like a hurricane hit, followed by an explosion at a box factory. I have a lingering cough, though nothing nearly like what I had. I don't think this is going to turn into a sinus infection and bronchitis (knock wood), 'cause I'm not all wheezy. There's that silver lining.

*Still waiting on the paperwork for that one. Must remind myself to send him a little email if I don't get anything by Friday.

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G said...

Sympathies - this thing is attacking the whole western world. I think it's a sinister plot and maybe we should invade some place to get back at it. My daughter had it two weeks ago, so I kindly had her here where I could cook for her and so forth. My reward? Correct - I had it myself all last week.