Sunday, May 18, 2008

All right, it feels real now

Amazing how one action can snap everything into focus.

I went to another furniture store today. This one's called "Just Cabinets," and maybe when they started that's all they had. They've branched out since. They have all sorts of furniture in there. My bus passes by it every morning and evening, and I just today decided to wander in.

Twenty minutes later I bought a table and four chairs. The price I got 'em for is $200 less than the one listed on the website. They're having a "Grand Opening" sale--not for themselves, though. Apparently they throw a party every time a franchise opens up, and one just opened in Maryland somewhere. The set is on clearance (I got the second to last table, and four of the last eight chairs), so that link may eventually stop working. I copied the image to guard against that eventuality.

It wasn't purchasing the table that put things into focus. It was giving the address of where they were to be delivered, and when. That's the first time I've directed anyone or anything to that address. And I'm buying something that I couldn't possibly fit in my existing space, so it must be going in the new one. And since the table is a real object....I must really be buying a house.

Gaaaah! Where's the tape? Where are the markers? What's getting boxed up next?

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Just Me said...

Nice set. I love the shape of the chairs and the nice warm color.

Whoohoo!! You're on your way!