Monday, June 30, 2008

Photos of the new place

Hi home, I'm honey!
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Just posted a few photos of the new place onto Flick'r. Most of the rooms still look a bit disordered and I really didn't want to record that so...there are some shots of the cat, of the kitchen, of the exterior and of the plant life in my garden. There's one that I haven't posted yet. It's of the ceiling in the craft room--I wanted to get a day shot and a night shot, but I keep forgetting to go in there after dark. As soon as I remember to do that, I'll post those two pictures.


Just Me said...

Hey, nice house!!!! I like the way the work area of the kitchen is laid out. I like the yellow-gold walls too. The color seems to go with the plaid whatever (upholstery?) to the right of that pic.

Aaaaand from this distance, I obviously can't tell what type of tree it is.

My own dogwood tree is much older. It has a more coarse-looking bark (the kind you could pick under with your fingertip if you wanted) and its leaves range from being as long and wide as the three middle fingers of my hand up to four fingers wide and the length of my palm.

One clue might be berries. Mine are forming already, little clusters of two and three berries (still green) each. They'll turn red as fall approaches.

I hope, if it is a dogwood, that it's a dwarf variety. Mine is over twenty feet tall. I'm sure someone at work can help you figure that out.

It seems like 'Lilah likes her new home. I like it too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's so great! Needs more pictures.

Can I come help decorate? I promise I won't be pushy and actually let you have some choices.


Just Me said...

Shoot, I'd help decorate too, but I have absolutely NO sense of style. The Oracle is the one who picked furniture and paint and all.

--V said...

The plaid thing is a throw pillow. I'm finding that a lot of my throw pillows match the wall, even though they were bought at different times.

Regarding decorating help. Um. I'd really like to do this myself. You're welcome to come "help" if you like, as long as you realize if I don't want it, it's not going in my house. :)