Friday, June 26, 2009

So it turns out I like jazz. And blues.


Glad I went. She was fun and funny and soulful and has an incredible voice. I bought one of her CD's from a table in the lobby one my way out, and also bought on from the act that went on ahead of her, Beaucoup Blue -- a father-and-son blues duo out of Philadelphia. Blues and jazz, two things I've never really sought out, and I liked 'em both.

Only one drawback of the evening--two people right behind me who wouldn't stop talking. Constant chatter. All. Night. Long. Argh! I wish I'd had the nerve to do what a friend of mine did after some woman sat next to him and chatted to her companion the whole way through a showing of Moulin Rouge. After the lights came up, he turned to her and said:

"You owe me four dollars."


"Your yapping made me miss about half that movie. Ticket cost me $8. You owe me $4."

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Well, I know what you were talking about." And then he proceeded to list all the topics she and her friend had discussed over the past two hours. She stood there, shocked and affronted.

"Hey, lady, in future? If you want to talk, go to a restaurant. If you come to see a movie? Shut up."

He's my hero.


Just Me said...

Despite the yapping, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. It's especially nice to discover something new!

Hotch Potchery said...

yeah, I hadn't seen my kid in 2 days when I got to see him at an orientation session yesterday...we were very chatty, until the lady in front of me told us to shut up.

Good for her.

G said...

It's my belief tv is to blame for the chattering. People can't distinguish between it and reality, so they yap as they would at home.

Melody Gardot - must investigate. Have you tried Amy Winehouse?

--V said...

Yes, I have tried Amy Winehouse. She's ... okay. A little disturbing though, especially if you take a good look at her. For example, that song "Rehab?" I think she really should go, go, go.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe she talked during Moulin Rouge...she's a woman right? How did that happen! Believe me if I was that guy...her tongue would be somewhere in Africa by now.