Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time flies when you're doin' nothin'

I've been on vacation from July 3 to July 13. Got back to work this Monday and have been digging out from under a pile of work ever since.

Vacation I don't remember. It's kind of blurry except for the local arts festival, which was from Wednesday the 8th (kid's day) through Sunday the 12th. My sister showed up Wednesday afternoon, we went to that yarn shop the next town over, spent way too much, came home, knitted, hung out. Went to the festival Thursday, took in about 1/2 of it before the crowds got to us (when it takes great force of will to keep yourself from smacking people who stop directly in front of you for no reason or who suddenly swerve into your path, it's time to go home). Friday we hung out. That evening my Mom showed up (it was her birthday). Saturday: combo of Wednesday and Thursday. Bought Mom her birthday present at the festival. Sunday: Everyone went home, I vegged out on sofa with cat waiting for the "I made it home" phone calls to come in.

Other than that, there has been not too very much going on. Still getting vegetables from the CSA every other week. Still photographing them, though I haven't posted the pictures since the first week. Forgot. Still trying to eat them before they go bad--getting better at that.

And that's about it from over here. How are you?


Hotch Potchery said...

That vacation time speed up continuum really burns me...when I have to teach for 5 weeks, it goes fast, but now that I am off for 5 weeks it is zooming!

Just Me said...

Good to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed some time off.

The solution to the probled Hotch Potchery mentions is to make that same span of ten days feel like an eternity by adding kids nipping at your ankles and whining about nothing to DO!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been on vacation. Every day is a vacation here. Or a vacillation. Or an evacuation. Or a vacancy.

Anyway, I saw these butterflies yesterday and they will do your heart good, I promise. Get on over to the Postcards place.