Sunday, October 18, 2009


Enough of the heavy medical-type stuff for now.

A few weeks ago, this YouTube video was all over the internet. It got me interested in the two musicians who put it together, and I've gone back to their site a few times to see what else they're doing.

They call themselves Pomplamoose. In their recordings, they play or sing all the parts, then mix everything together. It looks like their studio is somewhere in their house (in San Francisco). They've done a bunch of covers (like the one of Beyonce's song cited above), but they write and record their own songs as well.

Of the covers, this one's my favorite so far:

And of their own music, this is my favorite:

Hurray for fun, creative people!


Hotch Potchery said...

I think they are very creative...but I sort of judged them for not cleaning up their house more before recording.

--V said...

If they stopped to clean up their house, they probably wouldn't have time left to record.

Remind me never to show you pictures of my place. Even after I straighten up it looks like a garage sale in here. I hoard stuff.

I come by it honestly, though. In my grandparents' basement there were three (count 'em, three) washers, only one of which worked. The other two were "kept for parts."