Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Little monster on the mend

The cat's feeling better. So far today she's eaten some shredded turkey, a third of a small can of tuna, and when I went to check on the little saucer that had her wet food on it, it was practically licked clean. Right now I'm listening to her eat from the bowl of dry food that I keep upstairs near where she sleeps.

She's also tried to eat a dead maple leaf, a blade of dried grass, and a long fiber from the edge of the carpet. I've had to chase her down three times in 20 minutes to take those things away from her. 'Cause she'll just throw them up, along with anything else she ate. The brat. I think she thinks we're playing a game. Only problem is, if she wins she loses her dinner.

The lump is decidedly smaller, it isn't just me being hopeful. Though I really do think they're going to have to take that tooth out. It's rotten, after all. Her mouth must hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Our cats never minded a tooth pulled. They just keep on eating! And, just like it is for us, it's better for health to have a healthy mouth. It's never how many teeth you have! (Vet said if they had none they'd still manage okay!!)