Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Still no word

I've been checking my voicemail all day, expecting and dreading news from my vet. It's quarter after 8 now. The office closed at 7:30, so I guess I'm not getting an answer today. One more day to fuss over the cat.

She's having a little trouble with the stairs. Down? No problem going down. Up is a different story. She takes them very slowly. Once in a while she comes downstairs and sits on my lap, but generally she hangs out in a box of blankets and afghans in the lilac room upstairs, the room where her litter box is. I moved her food up into that room too, and placed it so that all she has to do is move to the other end of the box to eat. I've even opened the bathroom door so she can drink from the tub, which is her favorite way of getting water anyway.

She's been very quiet. She purrs like a jet engine whenever I touch her or talk to her, but she hasn't meowed in almost a week. She's usually very vocal, so this is worth noting.

She is still eating, though. I've been mixing tuna with her wet food, and she's eating most of it. That's something. And she's still bathing. And using the litter box.

So now I wait another day to hear from the vet. Not his fault, I'm sure. It was only his estimate of when the labs would send the results back.

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Just Me said...

To answer your question, yes. It's the 17th. Don't feel bad over forgetting. I'm only vaguely secure in assuming yours is sometime in August. I think...