Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holy crap, I'm going to BlogHer '10!

Over Christmas I mentioned in passing that it might be nice to go to a BlogHer conference, now that my sister is blogging and has friends in the blogosphere as well. We could go together. She agreed, wondered briefly where is was going to be this year. So far they've been in either the western or southwestern U.S.,which makes things cost-prohibitive for both of us. She then said it would depend on whether she had the money, and the conversation moved on to something else.

Fast forward two months to the day before yesterday. I checked an email account I tend to forget I have (on AOL) to find a message from Ditter with a subject line of "Blogher 2010." The message read simply,


I checked the BlogHer website. The conference is at the beginning of August, a few days after my birthday. Early bird discounts are still in effect until the end of February. It's at the Hilton, on the Avenue of Americas, and BlogHer has a block of rooms reserved at a discounted rate, first come, first served. I emailed all this to Ditter, who checked with the hubby to see if finances are such that she can swing this. Guess what! She can! Just a few moments ago, I booked a double room at the Hilton for Aug. 5-Aug.8, bought myself a full-conference pass, and am now contemplating making little business cards (using Moo 'cause it works with Flickr) in case I meet people I want to talk to later.

Eeeee! I'm going to BlogHer 2010! Who's with me?


Average Jane said...

I'll be there!

--V said...


Reckless Sarcasm said...

I cannot waaaaaaaaaaaaaait! :)
Though I may be in the bathroom with The Bloggess... I will have to bring lots of Ativan so I don't get out of control.