Monday, March 01, 2010

Still here

I know it's been at least a week since I posted. Sorry. I'm working on something right now, and it's taking me a while. As soon as I finish I'll show it to you.

It's not nearly as exciting as it sounds.

Also, I got sucked into "The Tudors" a few weeks back, just found out that all three seasons are available for viewing On Demand by my cable provider--they do this from time to time for people like me who studiously avoid shows for three years at a go and then suddenly fall in love with them. Season 4 starts next month sometime and I want to catch up. I hate walking into something in the middle. So all this weekend when I haven't been working on this other thing I've been watching Jonathan Rhys Meyers portray Henry Tudor. I've gotten as far as the end of Season 2--Anne Boleyn just got beheaded.

I wonder if they're going to continue this series past Henry? I'd like to see them tackle Mary's reign, and maybe do something closer to the truth about Elizabeth's than the two Cate Blanchett movies got. Those movies were all right, but Hollywood and history don't ever mix very well.

Okay, time to get dressed and ready for work.

Hey guess what, gang! It's March! Spring is coming! Yaaaaay!

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Just Me said...

Glad to see you haven't quit blogging, but I well understand getting wrapped up in stuff and letting it slide awhile.

I can't wait to see your project!

My house isn't such that I can get sucked into a series of anything, although I really enjoyed the Merlin series last spring, and I hope they bring it back for another round.

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