Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aigh! The dentist!

This an email I just sent to my team:

Hi gang,

I have to go back to the dentist this afternoon to check on last week's boo-boo tooth. I'm leaving at 2:30, and I think I'll be back by 3:30, but I don't know what other adventures he has planned for me besides this follow-up visit. Here's hoping I don't leave there with a numb mouth. Again.

Please send happy thoughts towards Central Pennsylvania, would you? I'm hoping he'll just look at the Tooth in Question and let me go, but there's always a possibility that he has car payment coming up sees something else that needs attention.

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Anonymous said...

Once, long age, I was in the chair and it was determined that I had to have a crown put in. I (and my whole family) had been going to him since we moved there so many years before. Good dentist and a good guy. He leans over me and says to the assistant, "Call my wife and tell her to order the carpeting."
I just howled with laughter. Great sense of humor.
But it does make one think if you don't really know your dentist.