Monday, August 23, 2010

Everybody try to act natural

I called my mother this evening to thank her for my birthday present, which got here today. Rosewater perfume from Crabtree & Evelyn. Yum.

During the course of conversation she let it slip that since my sister and I started all this BlogHer talk, she's been reading our blogs.

My reaction:
  • Uh-oh. My mom reads my blog?
  • Quick! Is there was anything on here I'd be embarrassed to have her see?
  • You know what? I'm fine with it.
Hi Mom! (waving) Look, everyone, it's my mother!


Just Me said...

Hi, Vee's mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! have a lovely daughter..(hear the music)

Reckless Sarcasm said...

I felt the same! I asked her if she was reading my blog and she said something to the effect of, "Oh Occasionally." I use Google Analytics and my views from where Mom lives trump any others. Oh Occasionally?

Went through and dumped some of the crappy posts I had.
Also, I got the "Some of the people that you follow are really good writers."
Felt like a back-handed compliment. Felt like I needed approval of some sort. Hello, baggage!

Sorry this is so long... This is turning into a blog post.

--V said...

She said that to me too. I think she's just exploring the whole "blog" thing, thinking it was kind of like facebook, and here it's a group of online essayists. I agree with her, the people I follow are good writers.