Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy 1st day of spring!

Someone I follow on twitter is a meteorologist. I don't know if he works for Accu-Weather or is part of a university meteorology department, but today he wished us all a happy first day of meteorological spring. It seems that we don't have to wait the 20th or 21st for spring to start, it just did. Huzzah!

I'm starting to scheme about my garden. A woman at work is selling Easter candy and flower seeds/bulbs as a fundraiser for her daughter's elementary school, and I bought some. Flowers, I mean. I bought one of those seed mat things, where you cut it out to the shape you want and just lay it out in your garden, water it, and stuff grows. You know what I mean? I got the one for the butterfly garden. Going to plant it under the living room window, give Sophie something to look at all summer.

I also bought ranunculus bulbs. Really pretty. They look to me like a cabbage rose. Here, I went Googling and found some pictures. Here's what I mean. They're perennial, and they take sun and partial shade. And apparently they taste nasty, so the chipmunks (or whatever's been munching on my garden) will leave them alone. Sounds like a keeper to me, provided they'll grow for me.

I'm also thinking of planting pennyroyal in the bed, to keep beetles and ants away. I have no idea if it'll work.

I just went and looked up pennyroyal. Maybe I won't be planting that. It's a touch too poisonous. Don't want to accidentally kill a neighbor's dog.

Anyway, spring fever has set in over here. Looking forward to the day I can turn off the heat. How is everyone else?


Anonymous said...

Planted kale (indoor) in pots. They are already up. We can plant kale directly in the ground but we still have snow on the garden so we started inside. We'll do it directly outside when able.
We're waiting on the pepper seeds to sprout. They take longer and they must be started inside.
I planted ranunculus plants one year and they have self-seeded ever since! I'm always amazed when they appear.
Some little critter likes it, though. Some eating happens.
What I can't plant is parsley! I think it's the chipmunks. They wreck hovac with it.
Congratulations on being so smart AND productive! Nice combo!!
Happy spring.

Reckless Sarcasm said...

YAY SPRING! Hubs and I have been thinking about what we're going to be doing with planting this year. With the giant attractive nuisance gone aka kid-magnet swingset, we have much more room for planting!
Looking forward to it.