Monday, March 17, 2008

Baggy britches

How's this for a reason to go clothes-shopping: my too-big-around-the-waist jeans are throwing off the count on my pedometer. I used to be able to hang it on the little coin pocket on the right-hand side of my jeans and get an accurate reading. Then I had to suspend it from the waist band somewhere between my hip and the button on the fly. As the weeks progressed, the counter has gotten closer to the button. Now I can't get an accurate reading anywhere. I take twenty steps, it counts maybe fourteen. It's telling me that today I've only taken 713 steps so far, and I know that's not true. It about 380 from my front door to the bus stop, and another 250 both to and from the place where I bought my lunch. That's 880, and it doesn't even take into account the walking around I've been doing today (from the bus to the coffee place, from the coffee place to my desk, back and forth around the office, to and from a meeting, rummaging around in the stacks the next floor up, etc.). I should be closing in on around 2000 by now.



Just Me said...

Well, hey, that sounds like a nice gripe to have.

If you're not ready to buy jeans just yet, buy a belt. Even wearing a belt and the pedometer beneath your shirt or sweater hanging over your baggy jeans should give you good placement for accurate counts.

Congrats on the baggy jeans!

Just Me said...

Or if you haven't invested in Spanx yet, get one. That should hold your pedometer securely too.

--V said...

1) Dare I ask, what is/are Spanx?

2) I've thought about a belt, but I look goofy and feel uncomfortable when I wear one. Imagine someone putting a rubber band around a marshmallow.