Sunday, March 09, 2008

Miss me?

My friend over at Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwiches just gave me an e-mail style poke with a stick to see if I was still alive. I am. I haven't had much to write about lately, that's all. Just trudging along, doin' ma thang.

I've lost eleven pounds (broke into double digits. Woo-hoo!), am progressing nicely on the 10,000 steps program--I have to find some way to get in 9,000 steps a day this week. That's a lot easier during the work week than it is on the weekends, especially on the snowy weekends like this one. It usually involves a lot of walking in place in front of the TV. I'm not really one for taking long walks outside in the muck or during snow squalls like we had yesterday. Crossing a parking lot to get to the bus stop with snow blowing directly in my face is not how I like spending my Saturdays. The hood on my coat was no help. I can't figure out those elastic thingies with the metal clips on them. How exactly are they supposed to keep your hood up? What happened to good old-fashioned cord you could tie under your chin?

I've gotten a bit done on my cross-stitch project, but then I got tired of making small X's and went back to knitting for a while. First project I did was using a pattern from for a head scarf. It uses entrelac and variegated yarn to make it look like you've knitted all kinds of squares with different yarns. Pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Will post pictures when my camera battery finishes charging.

Now I'm working on a pair of pedicure socks with another pattern. I wanted to make a pair for my sister 'cause she gets her nails done year round -- hands and feet -- and I've often wondered about how she gets from the shop to the car in cold weather while keeping her toenails from getting ruined. This is my first attempt at socks of any sort, so I'm making a test pair. I have one done and am in the middle of doing the heel on the other one. First one looks all right and fits my foot. Let's see if I can get the second one to look just like it. I will have to remember when I do the actual socks that Ditter's feet are a little smaller than mine and adjust accordingly.

I had an impromptu private lesson with my bellydance instructor last Sunday. I was the only person to show up to class. That might happen again this week, I think, because it's Spring Break right now. It was a little unnerving to have her full attention, but I liked it. Learned a lot, and increased my confidence a tad.

Speaking of bellydance, I need to go finish sewing the elastic on my zills. I finally got tired of holding them together with safety pins (after almost two years) and sewed the thumb zills on Monday. Got to get the ones done for the middle fingers before class today.

And that's it from over here. How are you?


Anonymous said...

Just Me said:

Rat fink computer! The Oracle was logged into his email, so when I clicked "use different account," it wiped out my message.

AWESOME on the 11 pounds! It took me over a year to lose 20. Way to go!

Thank you for the update!

sorry to be anonymous, but it's not taking my user and password, and i'm getting irked with it.

Just Me said...

Oh, yeah. I hate those stupid drawstring thingies on my jackets. They're SUPPOSED to work by squeezing the button in on the clippy thing and pulling the elastic through (thereby sliding the clippy thing upward) but they don't always grip tightly.

They did away with drawstrings on hoods back when some ninny either strangled himself or negligently let their kid get strangled by hood strings.

I have those dumb drawstring thingies along the bottom hem of my rain coat. They are heavy and their square shapes jab my hips if I sit on one by mistake. They flop all over the place and clack into things. If I draw them upward so they don't flop, the loops I create catch on everything. If I stretch 'em all the way down, there's too much slack, and that's yet another loop to snag stuff. I can't find a happy medium.