Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Free to roam about the house

I tried to post this yesterday, and just as I hit the "Publish" button, the server at Blogger got taken down:

I gave myself a wireless router for my birthday. This means I no longer have to check my email while sitting on the floor in the bedroom--unless I want to, that is.

Of course while trying to install the software I got a funky error message about the "target blocking an invocation." ¿Como? Was the software written by Dumbledore? One hour-long tech support phone call later and a few experiments on my own and I finally got things configured. Yay!

Other than that, it's been a slow day. Got the windows measured, started moving things around in the craft room. I'll commence painting later on in the week. It was too humid today, I thought the paint would take forever to dry. That, and I just really didn't feel like it.

The movie I went to yesterday was "Mamma Mia." It was a toss-up between that and "The Mummy." I was worried that seeing that movie would give me an ABBA earworm, and then I thought, "Well, I already have one just from the trailers. If I go see it, then I'll have the whole ABBA catalog in my head. Give the worm a little bit of variety." I'm glad I went. It was a good time. Julie Walters is so funny! Well, the whole cast was great, but I love her. There's a movie I keep catching bits of with her and Rupert Grint, it's called "Driving Lessons," and I wonder every time I see it how weird was it for them to be in a movie together where they aren't playing mother and son? I have to try to catch it from the beginning, it looks like fun.


Just Me said...

My daughter is hooked on ABBA, and I've endured a major ABBA earworm for two or three WEEKS now. Having the whole twenty-odd-song CD in my head does not help. I ditch one song only to be cursed with another an hour or two later.

It's a shame she's only turning seven, or I'd consider taking her to the movie for her birthday.

--V said...

Yeah, that movie is a little too old for a 7-year-old.

Get this: I'm the first one in the theater. I'm there by myself for a while--it's starting to look like they might be showing the movie just for me. Ten minutes before it starts, two women enter. One of them pouts and says, "Aw, crap. That's where I was going to sit."

Are you kidding me? Very nearly empty theater, and she wants my seat? I said, "Sorry," and didn't budge.

Eventually there were about twenty of us. Miss You're-in-my-Seat sat two rows behind me and whined until the movie started. Luckily, I know exactly how to deal with whiners: feign deafness.

Just Me said...

I think I would have told her, "Sorry, you should've gotten here sooner."

What irks me even more is the sense of entitlement that you should give up your seat, and that she felt the need to gripe and whine about it for ten or fifteen minutes.

At least she didn't whine through the movie.

Word verification sounds like something Seuss-ish. "Xeepy."

Just Me said...

To answer your question, the backup sensor beeped, but the way I have to park the car it always beeps when I throw it in reverse.