Monday, August 04, 2008


I'm on vacation all week. When people at work asked what I was doing on vacation, I said, "Well, I'm turning forty on Monday, and I'm taking the rest of the week to recover."

Really what I'm doing is taking a week off to make this place look less like I'm living in a warehouse. I Twittered to my sister sometime this past week that it feels like I'm living in a fort made out of cardboard boxes.

Step one: Measure for curtains!
Step two: Finish the second coat of paint in the living room!
Step three: For pity's sake, set up the craft room already.

That all starts tomorrow. Today I'm going out to lunch and the movies, and at some point I'm going to wander around the neighborhood. There's a park a few blocks over that I keep meaning to visit and never quite manage to get to. Must remember to bring the camera.

Everyone oohs and aahs over the years that end in zero, and I don't get why. I'm only a day older than I was yesterday.

That doesn't sound like denial or rationalization at all, does it?


Just Me said...

Happy Birthday!!

Nope. No denial or rationalization that I can see. People get hyped up over years ending in five, too.

The year that bothered me? 31. I have no idea why. I didn't care about turning 30, and turning 40 got me dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant with my family and friends. (I still can't believe The Oracle pulled that off.)

Yes, get your craft room set up. It's something you love to do (from what I read), and having that little haven all together will feel wonderful.

Which room is getting the mirrored wall for your belly-dance practice?

Reckless Sarcasm said...

Happy Birthday again.
I'm sorry I didn't call and sing.
I get annoyed at my self-absorbed boss, and what do I do when she gets crazy? I get self-absorbed and don't call my sister on her birthday.
I suck! I do.

I am giving you an IOU for a great birthday present when I actually have some money!

--V said...

No worries. Got your e-card. I wasn't home for a large part of yesterday anyway.