Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little wildlife show in the front window

For most of this month I've had a robin and her babies living in the tree by my front window. I think she may have moved in about the same time I did, but I only noticed her after the cat did.

Everybody's gone now. I guess they don't use the nest much after the babies are born. I'll leave it there in the tree, in case anyone else wants to use it. Now that they're gone, maybe I can weed and prune without scaring anyone.


Just Me said...

Oh, what a fun group of pictures!

My mom always loved birds, and she would have relished these photos. She spent an entire spring hand taming two mockingbirds to eat currants out of her hand. They even came to her call, which sounded a bit like the tut-tut! you get by clicking your tongue behind your teeth.

She also had a family of wrens move into a cooler my stepfather inexplicably hung (open) on the porch wall. It became a permanent birdhouse after that, and for a number of years in a row she had a family of wrens in the cooler.

In winter, she'd carefully cut up fresh fruit, mix it with seed, and spread it over the picnic table. It seemed like every bird in the county was feasting at that table. It was fun to watch.

(And, yes, the table was utterly nasty afterward. We weren't backyard picnickers anyway.)

Reckless Sarcasm said...

I like that idea about the fruit and seed.
Now my wheels are turning. We have three hanging suet containers in our trees and it's interesting to see the different types of birds that come. Also, we have the fountain on our deck that everyone from the zebra finches to wasps drink out of.
One time a robin sat right on the top where the water was shooting out and got a nice little bath. What a sight that was. It even moved some of the rocks around to get a better flow!