Thursday, July 10, 2008

Give him an inch, he thinks he's a ruler

When I went to pay my last ever rent (yee-haw!) and check on the apartment a few days ago, I found a note taped to my door. The manager had noticed I moved out and was hoping I remembered that I wasn't released from my lease until August 1. He also wanted to ask if he could come in now to do the painting and recarpeting instead of waiting until I gave the keys back to him. I think that's what he was asking, anyway. He's a stream-of-consciousness writer, and if I didn't know better I would swear English isn't his first language.

I am planning to take part of July to clean and was going to give the keys back to him around the middle of the month. That's always been the plan. It's what I told him when I asked to be let out of my lease. I tried to call him to let him know that yes, I remembered I still owed rent (I was there to pay it, after all) and remind him of what we'd talked about in April. Of course the answering machine cut me off right after I identified myself. "Messages full," it said. The office closes at 4:30, and by six pm the answering machine was already full? What's he do, never delete messages so that he can't be bothered by new ones?

So I emailed him. Got a garbled response in reply (big surprise). He really doesn't care whether I've cleaned first, he wants to do the painting and carpeting now. Yeah. That's what I want to deal with: dust, mold, fumes from cleaning products, and the smells of fresh paint and new carpet. What's he trying to do, kill me?

I told him, no, wait for me. There's still stuff on my floor. I don't think he's happy, but I'm past caring. He keeps on rushing me, I won't give him the keys back until July 31. It's still my place after all, even if I'm not living there any more.


Really effective way to communicate, by the way, via a note on the door of an apartment you know is empty.


Reckless Sarcasm said...

Smack him around a bit...

Reckless Sarcasm said...

Hey how's the rose bush doing?
And, how are you doing?

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a right coprolite to me.

--V said...

G: Yes indeedy. He was one of the five people I was thinking of.

Hey Reckless: it got a little taller, I have more rosebuds, and that first one is fixin' to bloom any second now. I have the camera right by the front door so that I can catch it the moment it happens.

Just Me said...

G stole my thunder. I was going to say the same thing.

It's a shame you can leave one of Lolly's behind as a message.