Friday, September 19, 2008

I feel like he drew this one just for me

Yes indeed. I believe I've mentioned in my Tweets that I have an over-the-wall team mate who is extraordinarily noisy with her morning tea. Just the morning one, though. I think it has to do with the cup she buys it in. Her afternoon tea she makes herself, and it is had in a mug. I wish she'd transfer the morning tea into this same mug, because the noise she makes is! Not like it's a long trip. Some days I can see crazy from here.

Oh, there she goes. Ssssslluuurrrrp. It makes my toes curl.

And I can't tell her about it, because even though the noise will stop, it will hurt her feelings. I know this because I've seen the coldness with which she greets someone else who asked her to be quiet (on a completely unrelated matter).

It only lasts about an hour. I just wish I could remember to bring my headphones in to work.


Just Me said...

She's probably oblivious to the morning slurping. You could try intentionally slurping your own beverage later in the day. I'd suggest doing it at the same time, but that might come across a little bit meanish.

My favorite Dilbert string was when the men of the office were sent to sensitivity training. I might still have one on my fridge. If I do, I'll scan it and send it along.

How funny. Today's non-word verification sounds like someone talking with their mouth full. "mydmwynp"

G said...

At least she's not doing it in the next stall.

--V said...

Right! While gossiping on her cell phone. There's that silver lining.

Anonymous said...

I left a note a few days ago and it didn't appear here. ? So, anyway. Again. I love to come read you every now and than because you're such a treat. When I feel like a fun read I come on over and am always delighted and refreshed. Thank you!

--V said...


Thank you very much.

[subsides into pleased, flustered silence]

Anonymous said...

I hate it when they hyphenate in the middle of the syllable. It's rhino-ceros, not rhinoc-eros.

It's an age thing.

--V said...

I didn't even notice, G. My eyes slid right over it.