Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To the young lady on her cell phone in the public lavatory

You know the person in the next stall who kept flushing until you finally hung up? Yeah, that was me. And I'll do it again, so don't try calling someone else when it starts to get quiet over here.

[200th post! Woot!]


Just Me said...

The Oracle sometimes calls me from the bathroom. I can tell by the echo.

--V said...

Argh. I hate receiving calls from the bathroom. I also hate listening to other people's calls when I'm in the bathroom. There are just some places where silence is golden, you know?

I often wonder who is so pressed for time that they need to multi-task when they're on the john, for pity's sake.

Funny, though, it doesn't bother me when two people who enter the room together continue their conversation over the stall walls.

Well, yes, actually it does. But I don't aim the same sort of "shutupshutupSHUTUP!" vibe at them that I do at cell phone users. I think that's 'cause both participants in the conversation know they're in a public place, and are less likely to launch into personal details than someone on a cell phone.

The call in question was a long gossipy who-did-what-to-whom at a party the previous Saturday night. I hate being forced to eavesdrop.

Anonymous said...

stacy says:
OMG!!! That would sooooooo be me. I get bored in the bathroom! LOL! I sometimes play a game on my phone, but it's more fun to call someone. I'm weird, I can't help it.
I also LOVE listening in on other peoples conversations. I'm nosey. I learn all kinds of things. I remember being in line at a movie pop corn stand and some woman was trying to figure out the name of a movie, I knew what it was and turned around and told her. OMG, the look on her face, like how dare I listen in...well...go somewehre else and talk then. Duh. You are NOT in a sound proof sheild. Sheesh. I tried to look sorry. I wasn't though. :)