Sunday, November 01, 2009

And away we go!

All righty, here we go. Day One of National Blog Posting Month (hereafter called NaBloPoMo or OhmyGodwhatdidIgetmyselfinto). There's a link to the left (just under the one for my poor neglected Flick'r photostream), if you'd like to go exploring and read other bloggers who are trying this as well.

Eden (the originatorof NaBloPoMo, and writer of Fussy) posted today about her likes and dislikes. That sounds like a good way to start, so I'ma do that.

  • The way the cat howls like a tortured soul every time she takes a drink from her water fountain. The thing has a charcoal filter, uses distilled water, and get thoroughly cleaned and replenished once a week. She's still rather drink out of the tub. Brat.
  • Opening my wallet to find the $60 I got at the ATM 6 hours before has been stolen. I've never been a victim of theft before last week. Someone wandered into my cubicle, emptied the cash out of my wallet, and strolled back out, unseen. The officer who filed my report the next day said there was a rash of thefts all over campus that day. All of 'em cash from wallets. Nothing else stolen, no IDs or credit cards or checks. My first thought was that the end of the month is approaching, and someone couldn't make rent.
  • Spending approximately two hours dismantling a set of vertical blinds and replacing them with curtains. As I tweeted earlier today: bring me the head of whoever installed these blinds. I was dripping with sweat and swearing like a sailor after trying to remove just one screw from the three brackets that held the blinds in place. And I was using power tools, too!
  • Packaging that's harder to break into than the average house. I needed sharp implements and a screwdriver to get the blasted curtain rods out of the box they came in.


  • Thermal, light-blocking drapes. Gonna be warmer in here this winter, I'm sure of it.
  • Making it through October for the 2nd year in a row without contracting asthmatic bronchitis! Yay team!
  • Related like: Autumn! Again! Finally!
  • The way a full moon looks when it rises behind a maple tree that's gone all orange. (And me without my camera. Next year for sure!)
  • Waking up to the cat purring around my head.
  • Bonne Maman's cherry preserves.
  • This:

And there's NaBloPoMo, Day One. See you tomorrow!


K said...

Your inaugural NaBloPoMo post beats mine hollow! Yay for cherry preserves and friendly cats.

(I've just been looking over last year's November posts and am struck that I have had something bronchitislike in late October both this year and last. I'm asthmatic. Should I be doing something to avoid it, I wonder?)

Hotch Potchery said...

Whoops, I posted under my work account...I wanted to say , "Yay" another sucker, I mean blogger to go through November with!!