Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday checklist (subject to change and addenda)

Need to get this down somewhere more permanent than the white board on my fridge. Since I'm on this blog everyday this month, figured I might as well put it here.
  • Dinner menu planned, distributed, offers of help gratefully accepted from guests? Check!
  • Hotel reservation made for sister's in-laws? Check!
  • Turkey breast I bought this summer (to practice on but never did) examined and found to be too small to feed 7 people and probably 2 dogs? Sigh. Check.
  • Shopping lists created, divided into "stuff I can buy now" and "stuff to buy fresh?" Check!
  • Day picked to get "stuff I can buy now?" (including a bigger turkey, which I will freeze) Check! Tomorrow, as it happens.
  • Menus planned for additional meals? Parents are coming Wednesday, leaving Saturday. Chh-no. Sort of. Maybe. Wednesday dinner, not at all. Thursday breakfast I'm going to do a crockpot oatmeal recipe I found on the internet -- steel-cut oats, dried fruit, water, put on low for 8 hours. Ka-blam! Breakfast! Friday morning I think we're going out to breakfast (if I have my way) at the hotel where Stretch's parents are staying. Friday lunch? Maybe I can make that carrot soup I made a few times this summer. I could make it ahead, even, and freeze it. Set it out to thaw Saturday morning. I wonder if I can get my father to eat that. Friday dinner, probably leftovers from Thursday. Saturday morning? No idea. Saturday lunch? Don't know when my parents are leaving, lunch might not be necessary. Probably can drag out the turkey again. I will be sprouting feathers by the end of the month and answering the phone by gobbling like a turkey.
  • Bought and/or refinished extra chairs? Not yet. This weekend. Or maybe next weekend. Soon.
  • Straightened this place up? HAhahahahaha! Oh, that's funny.
  • Painted that section of the living room that desperately needs it? No, 'cause I have to straighten up first. Duh!
Okay, that's it for now. I have to go load the dishwasher. My, what a glamourous life I lead!


Just Me said...

If you're looking for ideas, I have some recipes that might work for you. They don't involve a lot of fuss and will let you enjoy your family.

--V said...

Thanks! I sure would appreciate it.

I'm looking for something quick for Wednesday dinner -- it'll be the 3 of us. Since I'm gonna be cooking all Thursday it'd be nice not to have to do too much of it Wednesday.

Hotch Potchery said...

You are SO organized!!!

--V said...

Thanks. It remains to be seen whether I follow that list or not, but at least it's out there.

I'm beginning to get the jittery stress-y feeling I got right around my sister's bridal shower a few years ago. I should post about that sometime. We had a bridal shower while keeping one eye out for a hurricane. Whoo boy!