Thursday, April 01, 2010

Going home for Easter

The dryer is full of clothes that are going to get folded and stuffed into a duffel bag just as soon as possible. The phone and iPod are charged up and ready for use. Taxi ride to the bus terminal has been scheduled (5:45 in the bleeding a.m. Ugh). Bus ticket has been bought and is currently in my purse. In about 7 hours I'll start checking that purse every 15 minutes to make sure it's still there until I actually take them out to use it. Stuff to keep myself amused this weekend has been identified but not yet packed. Still trying to decide if I'm taking the laptop.

I'm heading off to into the woods of Pennsylvania (where cell service is pretty good but Internet, eh, not so much) to spend Easter with my parents. Haven't seen them since Christmastime.

It feels weird to be packing without Delilah supervising the process, eying me with mingled suspicion and disapproval.

Have a good weekend, everyone! I may post at some point from the BlackBerry if I can figure out how, and if the idea of typing a bunch of paragraphs on a touch screen keyboard while the device auto-suggests words that are so very much not what I was trying to say doesn't make me give up before I start.

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Rusty's Mom said...

Have a safe trip. E