Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm feuding with my freezer.

There's an ice and water dispenser on the door of the freezer, and when I first moved in I was all, "Oooh! I have an ice maker! " I envisioned myself never having to make do with warm soda just because I'd forgotten to fill the trays and to chill the new bottle when I noticed the old one was getting low. Making smoothies would no longer require having to make ice for them the day before. I can have a spontaneous smoothie! I was in beverage heaven. And the cat likes that I get her water from the fridge instead of from the tap (she's so spoiled), so the water dispenser is another plus.

Here's the thing, though. This ice maker was made for a two(or more)-person household. I don't go through the ice fast enough I guess, and the dang thing doesn't have a sensor to tell it when it's made enough. It's like the broom in the Sorcerer's Apprentice. So I either have to fill a glass or two full of ice and toss it into the sink daily (wasteful), or reach in and turn the thing off periodically (which is fine until suddenly there's no ice and I'm all waah! I want ice!). 'Cause if I don't, the result is something along the lines of what happened a few minutes ago:

It's lunch time. I decide I'm going to have one of the Lean Cuisine single serving pizzas that I bought Wednesday. I open the freezer and shout words that would make my mothers lips go very tight if she heard me as I am bombarded with ice. The freezer door has been holding it in position, waiting to smack me with it. Kind of like the Three Stooges bit with a bucket balanced on top of a slightly open door. When I try to reach into the machine to get at the shut-off lever I am hit with more. And more. And more. Big chunks formed from smaller bits that have fused together hit me, separate into slightly smaller chunks, hit the floor, break, and scatter everywhere.

I slam the door shut and chase down ice bits, particularly the ones that have bounced over to the laminate flooring. I have been warned by my realtor and the inspector that laminate shouldn't be allowed to have puddles on it, that would ruin it.

In all the fuss, I forgot what I was in the freezer for. Oh! Pizza. Dare I try again? I open the door slowly this time, hiding behind it, and, when nothing falls out, cautiously peek around. There is ice all over the inside of the freezer. I clean that out, manage to get to the shut-off lever without a second bombardment, then collect my lunch. After I shut the door I hear the ice inside shift.

As I'm writing this, the fridge just kicked on, and it sounds like it's laughing at me.


Just Me said...

Turn off the icemaker, BUT fill an ice-cube tray as a backup. That way, if the icemaker is empty, you can turn it on and raid the tray until the icemaker replenishes.

--V said...

Whoa, logic! Now if I only had an ice cube tray. I left mine at the other place, because when I moved in there were some there already and I figured I should do the same for the next tenant. And, since I had an ice maker, I thought I wouldn't need them. Ha! And again I say, ha!

So there's another item for my Walmart shopping list. I don't get there very often any more. I'm on the other end of town now, and I don't like the bus ride. It's worse somehow when I go there straight from work--we're all jammed in, the bus crawls through campus, picking up more if it can. Reminds me of a Weird Al--"Another One Rides the Bus," to the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust."

Just Me said...

It doesn't have to be Wal-Mart. You could probably get them at a dollar store if you have one near you.

I often don't think of the dollar stores for a lot of stupid stuff until I walk through one. Then I repeatedly kick myself for seeing things I'd recently bought for one third the price I paid. Grrr!

Today's word verification is "solacula," which must be a vampire that can withstand the sun.

--V said...

The nearest dollar store is located right next to Wal-mart. I'll try there first.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

That happenened to a friend and so much ice would be made in his fridge that it'd eventually open the freezer door and start heaving ice out all day when he was at work. The fridge company said he was missing an ice shelf to stop the issue but he couldn't figure out how to install it so he just assumed it was a shelf to display all the extra ice.

I'm utterly unhelpful here.

--V said...

And suddenly my problem doesn't seem so bad.