Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New friends, old frenemies

Bumped into Jane today. Realized recently that I haven't seen her since just after Easter, when she rained on my parade, house-wise. I didn't avoid her, but I didn't seek her out, either. I could've called or emailed. I just didn't.

Anyway. I was headed into an on-campus eatery for lunch and I saw her sitting with someone we both knew. Popped over to say hey. She heard about the move, and congratulated me (!). Then she told me how her summer has been. A college she once applied to informed her a few months back that their database got hacked into, and someone may have her name, birthdate, and social security number. (!!) Then her house got broken into (totally separate group of criminals, she's sure), and they stole tons of antiques that were in the attic, cash, her father's war medals, and her bank statements and credit card bills (!!!) Holy freaking crap. She's pretty sure they'd been watching her for a while, and when she went off to her mother's for the evening they broke in and cleaned the place out. Odd thing is, they left all the electronic devices. Digital camera, mp3 player, laptop.

She's taking it pretty well. Was talking about it like it was an adventure. Well, it was months ago now, she's had time to process it. She's got a credit watch out on her name to make sure no one tries any funny business. And she changed over all her accounts pronto. She had to get back to work, so our conversation was relatively short, but she promised to get together for dinner or something sometime this month.

And then when I came back from lunch, one of the people I follow/who follows me on Twitter who happens to be local suggested lunch on Friday for all of the local Tweets (I guess that's what we're called? I've heard Tweet, Tweetpeeps...not Twits, though. At least, not to our faces), and after a moment's hesitation (oh no, my anonymity! Ah, stuff anonymity), I said, "OK."

So I'm about to meet some of the folks in my area who use Twitter, face-to-face like. I feel like I should make a little badge with my Twitter avatar on it. Nah. That would be silly.


G said...

I don't think it would. Something discreet and tasteful. Like your good self.

Just Me said...

Scary about Jane. Judging by what was taken, it almost seems like they knew what they wanted and where to look for it. Raiding the attic?

When my in-laws were burgled years ago, they took DEB's gold jewelry, the loose change off House Fairy's dresser, and her kitchen scales.

The officers said that burglars these days want stuff that's easy to carry and/or fits in a pocket and is hard to identify. The scales, he said, pointed to people invovled in drug trade.