Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fiddling around with Photoshop

I love the filters on Photoshop. I can take photos that I'd love to see as paintings and, well, make 'em paintings. My favorite is still the very first one I did -- the one of a washed-out photo of my parents' dog, Pippin. Somehow or other Adobe took a slightly off, bluish picture of the dog on the porch and turned it into a watercolor done in blues. I was stunned. I liked it so much I took it to Kinko's and had them print it on watercolor paper. I then framed it and gave it to my Dad for his birthday last year. It hangs in their bedroom now.

This past Christmas I turned a photo of my second cousin Austin, asleep on my sister's chest and smiling, into a fresco. About a month ago I used the palette knife filter to make a painting out of a photo I took of one of the cats I met outside of the shop where my Dad had left the generator to get fixed. We were there to pick it up. This was Good Friday, the Friday before I took it into my head to go buy a house. Completely forgot all the pictures I took that weekend until I found the card they were on a few weeks ago. There are also some of Dad and Stretch putting up the tongue-and-groove paneling in what will be the dining room of my parents' house. Haven't downloaded them to Flick'r yet, because I need to clean them up on photoshop first.

And this morning I took the shot from the last post, applied the accent edges filter to it, and got this:

Water Tank Hollow, photoshopped

Neat, huh? Looks like I've been playing with pastels or something.


Just Me said...

Nifty. The color splashes, especially in the foreground, look more like fields of flowers instead of trees.

Just Me said...

I sure hope you got pics of the Monty Python folks. That must have been great to watch.

Monty Python is still one of the funniest things around after all these years.

--V said...

Unfortunately, I didn't. My camera is at home on my bookcase, and my cell phone doesn't take pictures. Ah, well. It was nice to see the Society's still out there doing goofy stuff. I hadn't seen them for a while.